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What Every Student Needs to Know about Stem Cell Research

Many do not know what stem cell is. They don’t even have slightest idea why it is important. Well, stem cell is differential cell which has the potential of giving rise to other cells of same type. Stem cells come with amazing potential of developing into potential cell types during growth time. In case a stem cell divides into two, both the cell get the potential of turning into something else. It can be a muscle cell or red blood cell, it can turn into a brain cell as well.

Alexander Potoczak is a student who is involved in researching stem cells. He has explored the subject and now is engaged into tutoring people who are interested about stem cell research. If you want to get yourself engaged into this, you better start preparing by talking to someone who is an expert on this subject.

Alex Potoczak puts emphasis on the importance of the research. He says that the research can help people overcome a lot problems. Stem cells can be used to replace the cells that are damaged. It can be used to heal people who have severely damaged cells. The healing properties of the cells have already been used more than once for the sake of treatments. As Alex puts it the properties of stem cell has been used to heal extensive burn. Not only that, it has helped in restoring the blood cells of patients who are suffering from leukemia.

Stem cells are different from other cells. Alexander Potoczak points that there are two major differences between this cell and the other cells. These are not specialized cells. They have the ability of recommencing through cell division. Sometimes this growth occurs after a period of inactivity. They have another special quality, the cells after some experimental conditions, these cells can be turned into tissues with special function. Inside some of the body organs including bone marrow and gut, stem cells get divided regularly and replace the worn out tissues.

Researchers until now have been researching with two different types of stem cells – embryonic stem cells and non-embryonic stem cells which are also known as adult stem cells. It is almost thirty years ago researchers have discovered ways to derive stem cells from mouse embryo.

Stem cells are important for many reasons. As a researcher Alexander Potoczak has pointed that this is essential for organism for a lot of reasons. The 5 day old embryo which is known as blastocyst can give rise to the total organism which includes most of the specialized cells like heart, skin, eggs, sperms and lungs. Additionally, in some body tissues like bone marrow, brain and muscle, stem cells give birth to replacement for the tissues which are damaged or lost due to injury or time.

Alex says stem cell research has potential to solve a lot of problems for human kind. As a researcher he has immense hope that this research will produce more productive result and also produce more advanced knowledge of organism development.

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