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Project Portfolio Management Tries to Bridge the Gap between Businesses and Shareholders

Generally, an entire business stands on two types of thinkers- one those who are visionaries, and others who immerse themselves with information in minute details. One of the biggest challenges that most of the businesses face is to manage a harmonious work environment that helps synchronizing the various talent and accumulate them to work together efficiently. Earlier finding such a solution was a bit tough, but over the years, the businesses have come up with solutions using the Project Portfolio Management software.

There are definitely certain benefits of using it, the most important being a successful change in which the entire procedure works towards what the business exactly wanted to. The goals and targets of the business, which seemed to be once lofty, have come under achievable range, and the managers using their business intelligence have been successful executing their vision in the real life scenario.

According to Jay Blackmore there are still some challenges that these portfolio management offices face. Ruling them out and streamlining them with multiple optional plans, might make things work a bit more easy. But in order to address these challenges, one needs to identify the grounds where the managers still face some problems. The challenges are:

  • Shifting from the main focus on the metrics and administration to deliver the competitive advantage with the projects that keeps coming in all the time. It means they lack strategic insights which might help them add to the organizational value.
  • The portfolio management offices even face problems to act as the filter for these organizational culture where the framework based on which the decisions are generally taken, act on the priority of the relevance of data. Hence they try to look for some contextualization where they can actually map a specific brand to the target audience.

How can these challenges be met? While sorting out some answer for this question, the experts have come up with some advices. Firstly, the focus must be on getting the right information and delivering it to the right person at right point of time. In order to achieve this, it is highly essential to provide proper access to all the information and insight of the business to the stakeholders without these Portfolio Management officers acting as the gatekeepers. For an over expanding business, the stakeholders come from varied areas with different metrics, and hence having a flexible tool will definitely make some difference.

The second and one of the most important pillars of success of the Project Portfolio Management is to deliver hybrid portfolio of the same in the entire cycle. Not all projects will be within the periphery of knowledge, the varieties are seamless and that cannot be easily apprehended. Hence Jay Blackmoresays that one must be accustomed to work with hybrid as well as alien conditions as well. These minute things count and sum up to make the big difference in the smooth business processing. With the right tool and the right task-force working on Project Portfolio Management, it will be instrumental for the business to find success even with the overarching goals.

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